I teach or have taught several courses at universities in Austria, Ireland and the Czech Republic and industry training courses in the EMEA region. They all cover a range of essential topics that can help you to develop modern SOA and Web 2.0 applications.

  • SOA Governance — a framework for developing a mature SOA environment. It provides centralized asset management (such as management of services, applications, runtime environments, design patterns, projects, and users) and a support for building the service environment through a well-defined service life cycle.
  • Oracle Service Bus — a middleware technology that allows to define data transformation, message enrichemenet, routing, transport mediation and security rules for integration of enterprise applications.
  • Middleware and Web Services — application integration, performance and scalability are highly important aspects of today's applications development. The course will give you all essential knowledge so that you can build such applications with help of novel application infrastructures including Web services, middleware and cloud computing technology.
  • Web 2.0 — read/write Web, programmable Web, realtime Web, democratized Web, social Web are only few principles that significantly changed our Web usage and presence. The course explores all these principles in detail and provides you with knowledge about related technologies and standards.

Following table shows the list of all courses in Austria, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.

L=Lectures, P=Practicals, Effort=number of days or week hours. For university courses 1 hour corresponds to 90 minutes in Austria and the Czech Republic and 60 minutes in Ireland.
Course TitleL, PEffortYearSemesterOrganization
Oracle SOA Governance 11gL+P4 days2012–now Oracle University
Oracle Service Bus 11gL+P3 days2012–now Oracle University
Middleware and Web ServicesL+P2+12010–nowwinter Czech Technical University
Web 2.0L+P2+12010–nowsummer Czech Technical University
Middleware and Web ServicesL+P2+12010/2011winter University of Innsbruck
Web 2.0L+P2+12010/2011summer University of Innsbruck
Enterprise SystemsP2+12009/2010summer University of Innsbruck
Introduction to JavaP1+12009/2010winter University of Innsbruck
AlgorithmsP3+22009/2010summer University of Innsbruck
Programming PracticalsP0+12009/2010winter University of Innsbruck
Artificial IntelligenceL2+12008/2009winter University of Innsbruck
Semantic WebL2+02006, 2007summer National Univeristy of Ireland
Database SystemsL+P3+22000winter Cork Institute of Technology
Computer NetworksP2+22000winter Cork Institute of Technology
Systems TheoryP2+21998-2002 Czech Technical Unversity