Innsbruck, Austria

Moved to Innsbruck in early 2008 and still live here. Amazing place with many things to do and enjoy, friendly people, and great slopes. Karina is my favorite!

Galway, Ireland

Moved to Ireland in late 2004 and spent here almost 4 years. Great place with easy going people. And you don't mind rain, really — sudden rain comes and the fast sun dries.

Cologne, Germany

Lived in Cologne in 2002. A place with busy people, the big cathedral, the small zoo, the chocolate museum, and a draught beer in a 2 dcl glass. You have all what you need.

Cork, Ireland

My first long-term international adventure in 2000. No friends first and many friends later. Explored Irish mountains in Kerry and met many great lads!

Prague, Czech Republic

My starting page. Lived, studied and worked here for almost 8 years. Student's life here is great, working and living is about something else.