Technological and Domain Focus

My work concentrates around software architecture design and implementation, including both front-end and back-end systems. Over the past 15 years I worked in several international projects in applications, software customization and research and development. In application projects I have co-developed software for various industries such as public administrations, cables production, or utilities. In R&D projects I have co-developed novel specifications and technologies for Web services, integration middleware technologies, and Semantic Web with applications in e-government, medical and business-to-business.

Web 2.0 Architecture

Projects Overview

Following are some of the most exciting projects I have worked on during the last 15 years. Many of them involved several countries in Europe and several organizations across research and industry.

Large-Scale Service Integration on the Web

This R&D project builds highly scalable infrastructure for integration of services in the open Web environment. Some of the project results include specifications for service descriptions such as SAWSDL, WSMO-Lite, and hRESTS, WSMX integration middleware technology, and various middleware components and tools for service discovery, service annotation, interoperability, and composition. Several research organizations worked in the project including SAP, IBM, BT, STI, and ATOS ORIGIN.

You can find details about the results in the following articles:

Cross-border E-Government Service Integration

This R&D project builds innovative architecture and integration technology enabling so called pan-European e-government services. This technology is a realization of long-term e-government goals in the EU that include, for example, one-stop shopping, effective communication among public administrations and their interoperability at various organizational and geographical levels in the EU. Some of the project results include domain-specific e-government service models as extensions of service specifications, pan-European e-government service architecture, and various tools for e-government service discovery and composition. Several research organizations participated in the project including Software AG, DERI Ireland and Austria, CERTH, CapGemini, City of Torino, and Region of Central Macedonia.

You can find details about the results in the following articles:

E-Business Solution on SAP R/3 Internet Transaction Server

The goal of this project was to design and implement the corporate e-business solution for nkt cables, GmbH based on requirements of the nkt cables customers as well as sales and procurement staff members. Technology-wise, the solution integrated with the SAP R/3 system as customizations of the SAP R/3 Internet Transaction Server. The pilot solution was deployed to the nkt cables in the Czech Republic, with roll-outs to several nkt cables branches. Some of the concepts and technologies developed in the project may be found in the article E-Business Solution Development in the Enterprise.

Risk Assessment Information Network

This project developed a system for assessment of industries' impact on the environment. This included the evaluation of power plants' impact on the air pollution, and evaluation and evidence of damages on forestry and agricultural production. The system integrated several power plants' operational systems for SO2 and NOx emission monitoring, power plant's management systems, and systems for public awareness. The system was developed for the CEZ group (a group of power plants and utilities mostly in the Czech Republic). The system software platform was based on Oracle Application Server and Oracle database system.