I have published over 30 articles in books, leading research journals and technical magazines, and conferences in the area of Web Service and Semantic Web research as well as contributed to specifications for standards at W3C and OASIS. As of 5/2019, my publications have received over 700 citations.



Books and Book Chapters

With results of my research I have contributed to several books published by Springer. These books describe the cutting-edge integration technologies based on services and Semantic Web.

Journals and Magazines

I have my research in several leading journals and magazines including IEEE Internet Computing, IEEE Software, Elsevier's Advances in Computers, Springer's Service Oriented Architectures as well as several Czech professional magazines.

Conference Papers

I target two research communities. Semantic Web community centered around European and International Semantic Web Conferences, and Web Service community centered around European Conference on Web Services and International Conference on Service Oriented Computing.


Some of my researcher results were the basis for standardization at W3C. This includes W3C member submissions and a W3C recommendation.


Following list contains interviews I gave to technical magazines.



I have participated in various places presenting my work or attending various events. Zoom to a particular region: World, Europe, USA East, USA West, Hawaii, South America, Australia, South Korea and Japan