Master and PhD Supervision

PhD Thesis Topics

The topics listed here are associated with existing PhD students already. Moreover, research guidelines give a general overview of the PhD work you are supposed to do when doing a PhD with me. They describe general methodology, publication approach, research community within which your research will happen as well as success criteria for your PhD.

PhD Thesis Topics
Automation of Web Service Provisioning Process using Contextual Knowledge of Users
Improving service tasks (e.g., discovery, selection, etc.) with information about users from social networks.

Master Thesis Topics

The Master Thesis topics below have been completed by last year students who will defend their thesis in June 2012. For the details about the master thesis, methodology and success criteria, please see the master thesis guidelines.

Master thesis topics, A=Available, C=Completed
Topic Year Status
Tool for faceted browsing of studying materials 2011/2012 C
Tool for authoring HTML5 presentations with capabilities of real-time users’ interactions 2011/2012 C
Tool for improved presentation of study materials with HTML5 technology 2011/2012 C