Past and Present Master/Ph.D. Students

I have supervised a number of master and Ph.D. students in Ireland, Austria and the Czech republic. Master students work on final master projects and develop innovative applications by using the latest Web technologies. PhD students, on the other hand, work on cutting-edge research in the area of Web engineering, Semantic Web or Web services research. If you are interested in doing a master thesis with me or want to do a Ph.D. under my supervision, please see a list of master and Ph.D. topics.

Following table shows the list of all master and Ph.D. students I have supervised internally or externally.

(*) – year finished, (**) – external supervisor, (***) – student summer project, UIBK = University of Innsbruck, NUIG = National University of Ireland, TKK = Helsinki University of Technology, CTU=Czech Technical University in Prague.
Jaroslav KuchaƙPh.D.TBDCTU
Milan DojchinovskiPh.D.Automation of Web Service Provisioning Process using Contextual Knowledge of UserCTU
Maciej ZarembaPh.D.Discovery and Late-Binding of Configurable Services in Semantic SOA2010NUIG
Xia WangPh.D.Discovery of Semantic Web Services using Ontological and QoS Models2009NUIG
Paavo KotinurmiPh.D.**E-Business Framework Enabled B2B Integration2009TKK
Jacek KopeckyPh.D.Web Service Automation Supported by Lightweight Semantic AnnotationsUIBK
Niamh TyrrellProject***Analysis and Automation of Organization Processes2005NUIG
Sanuallah NazirMaster**Service Ranking and Discovery2006NUIG
Wasseem AkhtarMaster**Resource Discovery using OWL-DL Ontology2007NUIG
Martin KammerlandersMasterFocused Crawlers: Survey and Implementation of Monitoring2008UIBK
Supasak KulawonganunchaiMaster**Service Mashup Framework based on Spreadsheets2008UIBK