I am Tomas Vitvar. I have been working in computer software industry for over 25 years currently with Oracle as a Technology Architect Director for large-scale integration and cloud projects. I also hold an associate professor position at the Czech Technical University in Prague where I look after Web engineering program as a lecturer and a chair in two post-graduate courses on middleware, integration, and infrastructure for the Web.

Before I joined Oracle, I spent much time in research when working in DERI (currently Insight) at National University of Ireland and University of Innsbruck in Austria in projects around Semantic Web and Web services. I published over 40 articles in journals and conferences including IEEE Internet Computing, IEEE Software on topics of serviceā€oriented computing and Web engineering.

I love building stuff and I am passionate about automation, distributed systems and machine learning. I started to code when I was 15 and got the first Atari 800XL computer from my father. My first project was the Monopoly board game. Since then, it’s been a never ending story – the backlog of stuff I want to try out and understand never gets down to zero. In my free time, I play in my private home automation sandbox from networking and measuring temperature, energy consumption, and voice control to detecting movements, objects, faces, and pets.

I was living in several cities around Europe, namely Cork and Galway in Ireland, Cologne in Germany, Innsbruck in Austria and last but not least Prague in the Czech Republic. My Czechoslovak family was born in Brussels, Belgium and I am currently living in the north of the Czech Republic near Prague with frequent back and forth travels to London.

You can find me on Github, Twitter or LinkedIn and should you be interested in my resume, feel free to drop me a note at tomas (at) vitvar (dot) com.