Middleware and Web services (winter semester)

The Middleware and Web Services is a post-graduate university course which provides underlying architectural and theoretical concepts about application integration and related technologies such as REST, middleware, distributed cache but also more traditional ones around SOAP, enterprise service bus and JEE. In my lectures, I share example problems from large-scale integration domains and point out technological and architectural limitations with possibilities to control and overcome them.

Web 2.0 (summer semester)

Web 2.0 builds up on Middleware and Web Services course and provides additional details around infrastructure for Web, programmable Web concepts and realtime Web protocols. Students learn about architectures, protocols and related technologies covering, for example, microservices and containerization, CORS, OAuth 2.0, Websockets and WebRTC. In my lectures, I explain how modern trends and concepts relate to architectures and cutting-edge technologies. I also often discuss the Web performance throughout the course.